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Electrostatic-Type Dispensing Technology

Outline of electrostatic-type dispensing technology

Tiny droplet formation by Coulomb force and the analysis
On-demand Droplet Spotter (ODS)
Droplet Analyzer


The system is possible to dispense and patterning by high-viscosity solution with a volume of pico to femto-litter.

The system is possible to dispense a minute volume (pL-fL), which conventional dispensing method such as ink-jet is difficult. Also, it is applicable to high-viscosity solutions such as resin and glycerin. Electrostatic-type dispensing technology brings in patterning with various liquid materials.

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Evaluation of contact angle, spreading width and their size dependency with a volume of pico to femto-litter order

The system, which is consist of electrostatic-type dispensing and high speed camera, is possible to measure contact angle and spreading width of formed droplet on a substrate by image analysis of the movie that droplet size is changing in a short time.
It means that it conducts many droplets formation with moving the substrate or changing the volume automatically. Therefore, statistical data of liquid properties (contact angle and spreading width) are obtained.

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Electrostatic-type Dispensing Technology


Example of area coating using
Coating of functional materials for display on a glass substrate using multi-nozzle

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